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A Dance In Shadow And Silence

Title:  A Dance In Shadow And Silence
Author: eimeo
Beta: T'Lara
Universe/Series: TOS
Rating: R
Relationship status: Pre-slash/slash
Chapter: 1/1
Pairings: Kirk/Spock
Word Count: 15,200
Additional Pairings: Implied Chulu (if you want to read it that way. It's very much up to you.)

Summary: A shuttle crash leaves Spock, Sulu and Chekov adrift on a deserted ocean world. As Chekov fights for his life and Sulu tries desperately to save him, Spock reflects on the strong bond that exists between the two men and starts to wonder what it is he's really afraid of in his relationship with Kirk.

Originally published in the KiScon 2012 zine. Massive thanks to T'Lara, beta reader extraordinaire, and to arminaa for compiling and editing such a beautiful zine. And, because it really can't be said often enough, to Rhaegal and awarrington and everyone else who made KiScon such an amazing place to be.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Tags: fanfic, k/s, kirk/spock, kiscon, slash, slash fic, spock
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